Agua Fresca 2021 Rule Sheet



1. This is a Team Event, anglers Must Fish Together to obtain their video submissions.Guides are
welcome as hired hands for ONE day of the tournament,or as registered anglers, but not both at
2. The Youth Division is chaperoned. Chaperones may help net, photo, I.D., and release fish.
Registered youth are responsible for fly selection, casting, hooking, and landing fish. Guides
may chaperone.
3. Fishing begins at Dawn on October 23rd and goes until Dusk on October 24th.
4. Anglers Must Have theThe Tournament wristbands provided in the swag bags visible in all
video submissions.
5. Handle fish with care! For proper fish handling techniques, visit
6. NO TRESPASSING! Anglers Can Fly Fish in any PUBLIC waterway in Texas.
7. Unsportsmanlike conduct, towards tournament staff or other anglers, will not be tolerated!


1. Fly fishing only, no conventional gear allowed.
2. No bait or scent allowed.
3. No fish-retaining devices of any kind allowed. (stringers, pots, rock dams, etc.)


1. Anglers must fish in public water only.
2. Wading, kayaking, SUP, kick tube, canoe,motorized watercraft,and guide boats are all
approved methods of accessing waterways.
3. Bank fishing is allowed so long as the angler is not trespassing.
4. No private pond, stream, or river fishing. If a stranger couldn’t fish it, don’t.


1. Scoring in the APP is broken down by species, and Team Challenges.
2. Only ONE clear video per species is needed.
3. Catch, Video, Release. Tournament wristbands must be visible in all Videos.
4. Videos must show a clear, full side-profile of fish from mouth to tail.
5. One fish in each angler’s possession at any given time. No stockpiling fish for later video
6. Longest Fish Bonus –10 points per inch for 1 fish only, added to species points. Fish must be
filmed on a measuring device provided with unmistakable video from nose to tail. Pinched tails
are allowed, but un-pinched tails will be scored as Viewed by Judges. Any measurement over
any inch mark will be rounded up.
7. All scoring, totals, and fish ID is decided at judge’s discretion.


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